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About Win City Casino
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Win City ,one of the companies is legally licensed in Costa Rica and is recognized as the most reliable, the most qualified and the most prestigious bookmaker. Win City’s objective is to create a high-quality entertainment playground and to be the most diversified playground in the online gaming market. We aim to bring players reasonable and interesting choices as well as the most enthusiastic, the most convenient and the quickest customer services. The online gaming market is increasingly vibrant and strong. Apart from diversity of games, network security is the most players' concern. Being a part of Win City, the players might get rid of these concerns since we establish one Network Security Centre to guarantee their network security absolutely. Moreover, Win City is acknowledged and issued the most secure website certificate by GEO TRUST, all players' information will be encoded to ensure their privacy entirely.

Honesty is the first and the most important element to state Win City reputation. As a professionally international online game bookmaker, we are committed to provide our players with the safest, the most honest and the most equal services.

Deposit service

Simple process Stored value is not burdensome

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interface humanity no more question marks

Professional customer service

Let warm customer service Solve difficult problems for you

Total games 500+

immerse yourself in A rich world of entertainment!

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We Provide Superior Casino Services

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Nearly 1,000 exciting sports events, more real-life, lottery, electronic games and other ways to choose, let you have a perfect gaming experience.



With 24 amusement facilities, Guantong has launched the highest quality market and service terminal applications, allowing you to launch high-quality terminal applications in various markets.



Exclusive development patent, using 128-bit encryption technology and strict security management system, the funds are the most complete protection, so that you can use it happily, play with peace of mind, and worry-free!



The financial processing system developed by the company truly achieves safe and fast deposit, withdrawal and transfer. Exclusive network optimization technology to provide you with a first-class gaming experience and maximize network latency.


Win City is proud to be the first prestige online gaming website in Asian market. Our company provides a lot of interesting gaming products such as Sports, Live casino, slot games, etc, especially online horse racing and online cock-fighting. Win City guarantees that all deposit and withdrawal transactions of our players are always processed promtly. Moreover, players are supported by our 24/7 professional customer service.

 All information of our players are secured absolutely by our system in abroad. In addition, we also request our banks, transfer agents, credit card institution and our partners to secure our players’ information for their transactions. All their deposits are considered as commercial accounts and are not transferred to others.

Legal age limit to join in Win City is over the age of 18.

For security reason, players are required to register account with their names that is matched with their bank account name. Hence, all deposit and withdrawal transactions must be submitted with their correct names.

Please enter Win City website, then click on “forget password”, fill in full of correct information: user and registered email, then click “OK”. Our system will sent your email a temporary password to sign in. After sign in successfully, you may change your password and use the newest password to sign in next times.

In some countries or regions, it is agaisnt the laws to play online gaming. In this case, you are required to be in compliance with your local laws. Should you have any queries, kindly consult with law advisors in your place of residence for more information. Our company shall not take liabilities for those who violate their local laws.

You are advised to use your own credit card to make a deposit.

You may pay a small charge of service, depending on which method you choose. For this charge, kindly contact your banks for more information. There is free of charge processing from your accounts at Win City, whereas there is some charges of service processing by some banks, credit card institutions or electronic wallets you choose. You may check table of service charge at banks where you make a deposit or withdrawal. Win City does not receive any charges from your transactions.

Withrawal via local banks

In order to make a withdrawal quickly at Win City via local banks, players must provide us with their enclosed documents as below

– A copy of their ID card with clear photo.

– A copy of their bank account number.

– A copy of debit/credit card ( including front side and back side)

First time withdrawal.

For the first time withdrawal, in order to ensure safety in accordance with withdrawal privacy policy of Win City, players are requested to provide our company with some neccessary information. After that, the players are required to wait for our confirmation with our financial department for 3 office working days.